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Our financial statement is available upon request. You can e-mail us or write your request:   e-mail: BrighterDaysHors@aol.com   Address: 682 Krause Road, Pipe Creek, Texas 78063 How You can Help:

Committed to maintaining this safe haven for horses, the Refuge depends on the generous contributions from individuals with an appreciation for horses. All donations are used for feed, shelter and Vet care.
The average cost for grain and hay is about $3,500.00 a month, in a drought year, it is more.

You can help Brighter Days Horse Refuge either through direct donations or click on the links below and place an order with these retailers; Brighter Days will get a percentage of your purchase.

Please also consider Brighter Days Horse Refuge for your estate planning to get the tax benefit.We accept memorials. Please contact us for more information.

You may send your contribution directly to Brighter Days Horse Refuge or conveniently use your credit card by making your donation through www.PayPal.com .
Please use
donations@brighterdayshorserefuge.org as recipient address.

Aconvenient way to support Brighter Days Horse Refuge is to shop for the thingsyou enjoy on sites that donate a percentage of your purchase to Brighter DaysHorse Refuge
Visit TheCompletePet.com for Great Books 

Brighter Days Horse refuge is also registered with iGive. Simply choose Brighter Days Horse Refuge as the charity of your choice and a percentage will be donated to Brighter Days.

Shopping for your own ponies? Country Supply has great deals and by entering brighterdaystx as your Country Care Code up to 5% of your purchase will be donated by Country Supply to Brighter Days Horse Refuge.

The Refuge is also in need of the following items: 
Fly Masks, all sizes
Feed Buckets
Backhoe and Front End Loader
Water Hoses (75 feet)
Wheel Barrows
White Exterior Paint
Paint Brushes and Rollers


Thank You!