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Latest Rescue: Wenda, Cocoa and Belle
Three horses were seized by Bexar County Sheriff’s Office on April 28, 2010. They were in poor condition. The seizure was televised on channel 4, WOAI and many of you were touched by them and many donations were made from that episode.
Many people were surprised when the owner said he was giving them Kool-Ade and lemonade. By the look of them, that did not help them.
Wenda, the Palomino was the worst. The young mare, Belle, really looked bad and her mother, Cocoa was no better. The “before” pictures tell their tale.
It’s only been a few months and already they are looking better. Wenda still has some gaining to go, but she has put on some weight. The best news is that they will be ok.

Champ in Flight
You may remember Champ from several years ago. He arrived at the Refuge with only one uninjured leg. The owner had been told to put him to sleep because the injuries were so severe. Jeannie went to work right away and ,as they say, the rest is history.
He is sound today and enjoying a good run.

Kirby and Big Boy
Kirby came to us from the race track and Big Boy came with other horses that were seized by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.
Every now and then these two buddies play like they were 3 years old.

June Seizure of 20 Horses   In June of 2007, we were called by the sheriff’s department to come pick up 20 horses being seized for cruelty. Many of them were severely malnourished and in need of immediate care. With help and volunteers, we were able to bring them all to the Refuge.  
The stories on the web site are only a few. We picked these horses because of their rehabilitation.

Rose and Miracle     
There was a stallion with them, but he was one of the worst cases so we were not concerned about him with the mares. We were so wrong! He left us with 2 pregnant mares. In spite of all we did, we could not save him. A mare we named Rose delivered a beautiful foal named Miracle. The best part was that she was healthy. But Rose would not let us near her baby at first…that took awhile! They have a new pasture with room for Miracle to run and play. She is now as big as her mother and has discovered that people bring treats.

M&M and Magic 
The other mare named M&M delivered her foal 2 months later. We named her Magic. M&M is a much different mother so we were able to imprint Magic right away. She was born a dark brown with a white "spotlight" on her forehead. She has since gone roan. Go figure! The main thing is that both girls are healthy and are growing like weeds! M&M and Magic have been adopted and are at their new home. 

Little Freckles was also one of the worst. In addition tobeing starved, she had an ugly growth on her ankle. Our vet believed that thegrowth could be removed, but wanted to wait until she had gained some weight. Afew months later surgery was performed and she has recovered. She is now withsome of her buddies from the seizure and is doing very well.

Freckles in 2009