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Dear Friends,

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And a special thanks to all who supported us in 1017.

We also have a video being prepared by a volunteer. The horses in it look fantastic! Look for it soon.

In 2017 we will be celebrating 30 years of saving horses. Right now we have 48 horses to care for and we hope to find homes for some of them soon. Come out and visit them!

I know I'm repeating myself but we need help and donations. Our funds are extremely low. If you can give us a hand we would appreciate it very much.

We are a home for old, unwanted and abused horses. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and have been in continuous operation since incorporating in 1988.

Hi, Folks,

  To make sure you can find our mailing address, we're going to post it here:

682 Krause Rd., Pipe Creek, TX 78063. Our email address is: brightedayshors@aol.com. And come out and visit the horses and bring carrots. They love company!

Update: We have had some work done on the sinking stalls. There is still work to do but it's getting there.

  We want to thank everyone who donated to help the horses. It is greatly appreciated.

  For the next couple of months we will be working to update and make our site better. In the meantime, go to this web site: http://catmcm.wix.com/bdhr to see some of our horses. The site is a temporary site until we get ours right. This site was designed by Catherine McManus, the granddaughter of one of our supporters. Visit and meet some of the horses. See you soon.

Rescued horses got game!Meet Stitches and Joske doing what they do best...play ball. They have been pasture buddies for a long time and are masters of the game. It took about 2 months for Stitches to teach Joske how to play. When Joske first arrived he was separated until he was ready to mingle with everyone. Stitches would bring the ball to the fence, drop it and expect Joske to pick it up...didn't happen. This went on every day until Joske got it. Once they were together, the game was on!

We have an opportunity to fill our hay barn at a reasonable price but no funds to do it. If you could help us, it would be most appreciated. Just make a notation on your check: for hay.

If you would like to donate directly to our feed supplier, here is their address and phone number:

Barrel House Feed

11740 Hwy 16 S

Pipe Creek, TX 78063


They have receipts available from us for your tax deduction.

Come out and visit...the horses love visitors! And don't forget to bring treats...carrots and/or apples, cut small, please, as some of our seniors can't eat big chunks.

We also have some young horses up for adoption. They do need training but they are sound and willing to learn. Come take a look. We have many horses looking for their forever home. For the past few months there has been no adoptions, only calls for us to take in horses. This is the first time we have been unable to take needy horses. It breaks our hearts to turn them down. But it takes all of our donations to feed 66 horses. Take a look at our Sponsorship program. It might be the answer to that horse "crazy" kid of yours! Thank you so much for your support.

We appreciate your support and generosity.

We will be posting new stories and pictures very soon, so come back and visit us.

                                We Welcome Visitors! And it's free admission!

                          Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am til 2pm.

                                     Don't forget the carrots and/or apples!

We hope to feature stories on this page. We are working hard to learn how to do this stuff, so keep coming back...you never know what you'll get! There will be more photos as soon as I can figure out where they went!